Really Records?      Absolutely.      

Real World Artist Management and Really Records serve musical artists by providing strategic planning, communications strategy and developing connections to build viable and sustainable business models.   Every artist  is unique and requires plans designed according to where they are in their artistic and life journey. We work for artists ensuring that their integrity and artistry remains controlled by them. 

Really Records? Yes, because musical artists need organizations and teams to support them in all aspects of their careers. We seek and implement opportunities for artists in the realms of live performance, media development, music distribution and licensing. Each one of our artists has their own and unique business plan, which includes social media, traditional media relations, music promotion, imaging, live performance, album and licensing income, with a commitment to achieving bottom-line success. Through collaboration with many different partners and industry sectors, we are able to share what is most important to our artists.


Faye Perkins –  President and Organizer: 

With over twenty-five years in the music business, Faye Perkins’ experience speaks for itself. After graduating from Western University with a BMus, she began her career at Hart/Murdock Artist Management, a boutique artists’ management company, while teaching private piano lessons. She quickly moved to Sony Music where she became head of Epic Records (Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Oasis) then moved to Sony Classical. In 1998 she moved to New York City to become Vice President, International Marketing, working for the iconic Peter Gelb, leading the worldwide marketing campaigns for Star Wars Soundtracks, Yo-Yo Ma, John Williams, Vangelis, Joshua Bell and many others. Upon leaving Sony Music in 2006, she became a consultant for the Glenn Gould Estate and soon thereafter, began developing Real World Artist Management.

J.D. Mowat – Artist Branding, Strategic Alliances, and Sponsorship Development:

J.D. is an innovative Canadian arts and culture creative consultant specializing in design, strategy and marketing. His astute skills of perception, has landed him roles in many creative industries, working with artists, arts organizations, and companies, helping them find new and novel solutions, audiences, and markets. Simultaneous with his work on behalf of Really Records’ artists, J.D. holds the title of Design Director at the award-winning independent, student-run newspaper at Ryerson University, where he provides guidance and direction to the students on the layout and design of the weekly newspaper. Having enjoyed a career in advertising, where he led production studios and worked as a typographer, he wrote for boutique agencies and supplied creative to well known design houses. In the early 1990’s J.D. took a position with a virtual reality startup where he managed the money, built VR rigs, and produced conferences. He worked with the McLuhan Centre and joined some privately funded technology projects. Shortly after that he helped launch Canada’s first ‘internet cafe’ in Toronto. JD is working on a cookbook, a children’s book, and an ongoing project to distribute medical supplies in the Caribbean


Janet Sonethasack:  Product & Media Manager

Janet recently joined the Real World Artist Management - Really Records group as an intern and was quickly hired to act as Chief Administrator and Product Manager. Janet gets things done and figures out how to get them done as efficiently as possible. She’s a graduate from Humber College’s Business Management program and is taking additional courses in digital and online marketing. Prior to being snatched by RWAM, Janet worked on behalf of CMW, Indie Week and TURF. In Janet’s spare time, she continues to help local musicians/friends at the street level. Here is Janet featured in the Brampton, ON band New Design’s single “Say You Want Me”.

Janet helps provide the administrative duties for all artists, daily media interactions and keeping up with new media and video promotional tactics, and maintaining the momentum on all current projects and ensures all our artists are being shared across all platforms.